Monday, February 23, 2009

Dance Party!!!

***Remember to turn down the music on the bottom left of blog to listen to video****
Well this is not the typical music I have the kids listening to at my house but this song has a little history for our family. Over Christmas my younger brother showed me an SNL clip with Beyonce singing her "Single Ladies" song and Justin Timberlake as her back up dancer. It was extremely funny and I kept thinking about it so I downloaded the song from itunes and then burned onto a cd. My little brother also told me that when his son listened to the song he called it "Single lex". So about a month later I was flipping through tv channels and the video was on MTV and Will heard it. Later on in the week I was listening to it in the car and Will said play the "Single lex" song again. Now Will did not know that my nephew Colin called the song this, so I found it very funny that he chose to title the song the same way. Now the song is a daily request from him. I think he really likes the beat of it and so we just sing along to the chorus. Luckily both my kids don't really pay attention to the lyrics so they don't understand the real purpose of the song. If you know that song I am hoping he does eventually know that he will eventually need to "put a ring on it".
So today I decided to video tape them dancing to it, Mike is out of town and I thought he would get a real kick out of watching his kids break it down. They of course cracked me up, Abby just kept running in and out of the shot but Will was the dancing machine. Can't wait to pull this video out years from now when Will has a serious girlfriend. Enjoy the dancing, it is a little long but about 1 to 1 and 1/2 minutes in Will shows some hints of break dancing, he does the 80's proud. Not sure what kind of dancing exactly goes on in Heaven but this family will definitely be game for it.

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hhh said...

Awesome I miss all of you so much. Love Brian