Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Find

Mike and I have had a kid free weekend. Mike's parents graciously took the kids for a "Nona and Papa Adventure" weekend as we have come to call it. They went to the Newport Aquarium today and they had a blast. We are so grateful to have two sets of grandparents who love our kids so much and love to take them for the weekend. Well I got to go out and run some errands. I spent one hour in Hobby Lobby. Normally I do not venture to Hobby Lobby and if I do I have a very specific purpose. There are way too many breakables in this store and I usually have my kids in tow therefore it is clearly too risky. So I had so much fun looking around and then I found this scripture plaque. I have wanted to decorate my family room with something scriptural but wasn't sure what yet. I saw this wonderful plaque and put it front and center on my mantle, I enjoy looking at it as I sit here and type. Also this item was on sale, it cost me a whopping 7 dollars. Thankfully I know that the words written on the plaque are priceless because they are spoken by my heavenly father. What a great reminder for my family and I each day, especially when all the news has been so doom and gloom. Thanks Lord for your timeless words of scripture and that you share them with me freely.

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