Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will's new bed

Well this is the second night that our little Will has created a new little bed for himself. He lays down a blanket on his rug, brings over the bedside table lamp and goes to sleep. As I was taking the above picture the following happened:

The flash must have awakened my sweet tired boy and he stood right up. I asked him if he wanted to get back in his bed and he did this:

He must have needed some time to think about it and ended up in the bed of his choice:

So tonight as I head to bed I will again gently pick up my sweet boy and place him in the bed that I think is probably the most comfortable one in the whole house. When I spoke with Will this morning about him falling asleep on the floor last night he looked at me in shock and said "How did you know that?". Oh this little boy never ceases to make me laugh. Thankyou for the blessing of both my children Lord. Thank you that they warm my heart with each day despite the frustrations that sometimes come with motherhood. May our lives warm your heart Lord and bring you glory as we strive to be the children you have hoped and known we could always be.

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