Monday, February 16, 2009


Well Abby lost her first Top tooth the other day and this has been very eye opening. It is the first time that losing a tooth has affected her smile. She has lost some bottom teeth but she already had the permanent teeth growing in behind. It is also interesting because she has a little lisp on certain words now. We tried to have her say Sister Susie Sitting on a Thistle from the Two front teeth for Christmas song and it was very funny. We have several months before school pictures so I am wondering if the toothless grin will get captured or not. I remember looking back at pictures of me during the losing teeth phase and there were definitely some interesting ones. My little girl is growing up but she still has a sweet spirit to her. I pray that as she changes and grows physically that her relationship with her heavenly father grows as well. Thankyou Lord for my little girl, toothless grin and all.

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