Monday, April 6, 2009


This past Saturday bright and early at 9am Abby had her first Spring soccer game. She played this past fall for the first time and has really enjoyed it. It was a very cold morning as you can see Abby with her stripped hat and gloves. The first two quarter were uneventful but in the third quarter she FINALLY SCORED A GOAL!!! I can not tell you how excited I was for her, she was beaming with joy and pride and it was just one of those blessed moments you get as a parent. Abby is a great little girl and listens well to her coaches but the confidence in her ability to run and score a goal has not been there. We didn't talk about scoring goals too much with her, but knowing Abby and her personality she knew she was one of only a few who didn't score one yet in a game. This winter while on break from soccer I signed her up for a class a lockersoccer and it really helped her gain some confidence. While we teach her that not everyone on a soccer team scores goals and you need to have those girls who just play defense, at this age all they really want to do is score a goal. So we have reached a happy milestone this past weekend. We called all the grandparents and family and everyone made her feel really special. Thankyou Lord for allowing these special moments that bring joy to all and some much needed confidence to our little Abby. Looking forward to many more exciting celebrations with our family.

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