Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sanibel 2009 Part 2

Well here is the whole group that went to Sanibel this year. This picture includes my inlaws, my sister in law and husband and two kids, my husbands aunt and uncle and his two cousins and their kids. It made for a fun week and gave my kids lots of people to talk to. Notice anything unique about my little son in this picture, he is the only one looking away. We took this picture on Friday evening before we left for home the next day. Needless to say Will was not in the mood for any more pictures. He actually took off running around the pond and I had to sprint in a skirt to cut him off. I firmly said "William David McGraw stop!!" because what kind of mom would I be if I didn't throw the middle name in for effect. Well he finally stopped and then started crying, he says to me "You hurt my feelings", oh really I hurt his feelings! I guess raising my voice and using the full name scared him. He tends to use this phrase when he gets in trouble, at first it was cute but not on this particular night.

So I finally get him calmed down and then we have to get ready for the picture. Will is looking back and I can't get him to look forward. He then proceeds to tell his little cousin Libby " Hey Libby, just look back". Well those of us who heard just bust out laughing because it was pretty funny but then Will got embarrassed by our laughing and started crying again. We may have gotten one shot where he looked forward because someone said they saw a shark, nothing like lying to a child to get the perfect shot. Oh well, the good news is that I was not defeated because I have learned that these moments can be teachable moments. So I told Will he needed to pick two people to say he was sorry to. He chose his Daddy and then he chose my brother in law's father who was helping take the picture. It was difficult for him to do but he did do it and I was proud. I know he didn't want to take the picture but I was able to talk to him about sometimes doing things to please others even when we really don't want to.

Isn't it that way with us, when we disobey God there is always a teachable moment. God forgives our sins but he also wants us to learn from our sin. I am grateful for the teachable moment and hope that I always make the effort with my kids and in my own life to seek out the teachable moment. Thank you Lord for a blessed week of relaxation, family time, beauty and of course great food!! I was so grateful to delight in the beauty of your creation every day.

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