Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol top 5

So this week the theme is songs from the "Rat Pack". Not sure these will be my favorite songs but here it goes:

Kris Allen- Boy did Jamie Fox build this song up. I thought it was great but I am not sure it was my favorite in terms of entertainment value. He has a wonderful voice and really showecased his range. He is my favorite no matter what, he could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I would say it was fabulous. Simon made no sense to me tonight.

Allison Iraheta- I was glad to see her tone it down a little bit from her rock star singing. She is a very cute girl and this was to me one of her better performances. She didn't win me over but she did step it up this week.

Matt Giraud- I found him to be very "soulful" tonight to use AI terminology. I think he is a good singer but seems to get alot of tough criticism from the judges each week. Simon just surprised me with his positive feedback. I am happy for Matt tonight but not sure I would put him in the final 3.

Danny Gokey- I really enjoyed this performance. When he first started I thought this might be a little boring but the ending was great. He should definitely be in the finals. He brought alot of energy to the stage.

Adam Lambert- First of all I love this song, and he is definitely a unique singer. I think I prefer Michael Buble's version over the screaming but I know that Adam appeals to a certain demographic out there. Impressed yes, do I think he is the best thing since sliced bread, no.

So overall I was impressed, I was especially impressed with Jamie Foxx and his ability to help each contestant. I will be calling tonight for Kris Allen and hoping he gets the chance to do a killer arrangement next week.

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Kritter Krit said...

I thought Jamie was an odd choice as mentor, but I agree with you, he did give some sound advice to the contestants. I especially liked what he told Allison, and the way he helped her refocus her mindset to that of her family - instead of a "lover" (gag).

That said. Here’s my two (totally worthless) cents on the matter…

I think AI is rigged. Well, maybe not “rigged” exactly, but I definitely think Simon has an agenda. One he pushes - heavily. I mean, he’ll say something negative about a performance (even if it was flawless - even if I think HE THINKS it was flawless) just to try to sway the voters. Take Allison for example. She was pretty darn close to perfection last night. Looked great, sounded amazing. Strong, pure power in her voice. What’s to complain about? Enter Simon, who claims she “doesn’t care about winning”. Ha! I think the man fancies himself a Puppeteer. Ooo ah ah… Pull the strings and watch America dance to my commands.

It really irks me sometimes.

Hmm. Perhaps I’m a tad too emotionally invested in this stinkin’ show. Whoops.