Monday, April 20, 2009


Well I am bored and in pain so what else to do at 4 am but watch the infomercials. So as I sit here and flip through 70 channels and still find nothing suitable to watch I thought I would enlighten those who actually sleep through the informercials on what you are missing. My most tempting purchase so far is the Instyler, a flat iron that is round and spins. It leaves your hair silky and straight in just minutes no matter how curly your hair. This infomercial is currently on three different channels so I am sure not to miss all the fab details it has to offer.

Another fun infomercial is P90X. Who wouldn't want to spend 90 minutes a day for 90 days working their butt off and not eating anything fun in order to get abs of steel. The whole concept behind it is muscle confusion, but imagine the confusion when after the 90 days you go back to reality and the lbs come back. I love the personal stories but this is way too big a commitment for me right now.

Also fun to watch is the makeup commericial for Sheer cover with Leeza Gibbons. She has some good celebrity advertisement and I am suprised that I haven't seen it on tonight because it is usually on multiple channels as well. Oh well, Luminess Air is on and it is fun to watch women air brush their face. I wonder how it covers so well on your face but somehow doesn't get in your eyes or on your clothes. I am waiting to see how many people get elbow tendonitis from applying it though, all that repetive circular motion can't be good.

Last is the cricut machine. I am not crafty but watching this commercial about the die cut machine makes me think this machine can change that. Who wouldn't want to etch their own glass vase, make their own quilt, vinyl letters or gift boxes. My problem is that the fun for me would lie in watching the machine cut things out and then would end when I would have to do something to complete the project.

So there you go, just a snippet of what you are missing. I have been tempted many times to purchase some of these products because when you are tired, in pain and have seen something a million times it does look good. The only thing I recall actually purchasing was the Murad skin care line. I tried it for 30 days and it was okay but very expensive so I ended up cancelling it.

Now while I am frustrated with being up again and having stomach pain again I find comfort in knowing that is does go away. I feel tonight for all those struggling with daily pain, sadness or discomfort. I know there are so many who struggle with chronic illness and even life threatening diseases. I feel tonight for a college student at our church who works with my kids and who lies in the hospital with unexplainable pain and liver issues. Lord please comfort her and bring her healing. Give the doctors wisdom to cure her and give her family the support and answers they so desire. Thank you for loving me and my family and may we honor you this week in all that we say and do.

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