Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lucky Duck!!

Well on Friday, the whole family got to visit Abby at her Kindergarten class and celebrate the end of her special week. Each child gets to be the Lucky Duck for one week. They get to bring something in each day to share, be line leader, run special errands and then have the family come in for a visit. So on Friday, my parents and Mike's parents came along with Mike, Will and I to share the cupcakes I made(see previous post) and to teach them our favorite game of colored eggs.

Here we are teaching the kids the game, Abby was the big bad wolf. Then we had the kids split up into two groups and let them play it for a few minutes. It was alot of fun and it was great to have all the grandparents together. Afterwards we all headed to Bob Evans for a great lunch. What a fun time we had celebrating Abby's special week. I am looking forward to many special visits to Bailey elementary for not only Abby but for her little brother Will who will join her in two years. Thankyou Lord for placing us at such a wonderful school and for such a great kindergarten experience for Abby

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