Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter 2009

Well this is Abby and Will on Easter morning as they came down the stairs. They were definitely excited about all that Easter brings at our house. First and foremost it is the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, second it is a time to spend with family and last it is a visit from the Easter bunny. The kids had fun digging through their baskets and then we hid a few eggs for them inside to find. We went to our church's 930 am service and it was such a blessing. Abby and her other school age friends sang and signed the song "My Redeemer Lives" and she was so diligent in watching the instructor for the correct movements, we were of course very proud. Then we headed home to get ready for my family and dear friends to come over to our house. I was glad to host it but was even more grateful for all the help my mom provided. She brought food, tableware and some decorations, yeah for my mom.

As a special treat my big brother(Uncle Bri Bri) flew in from San Francisco to surprise the family. My dad and I knew he was coming but everyone else didn't. It made for a special day to have everyone together. After lunch together the men hid Easter eggs outside and the 5 kids went and searched for their eggs, they had a blast and ate way too much sugar. Then after my family left the kids went across the street to visit my husband's family and they got to play four square with the big girls and go looking for more eggs but with a blindfold on. It was a full and wonderful day for all.

I am so grateful for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I am even more grateful that my kids get it. I have no problem letting my kids search for Easter eggs and believe in the Easter bunny as long as they understand the true meaning behind Easter. Abby is starting to ask lots of questions though about the Easter bunny, how does he get in, does he come down the Chimney, etc. I wasn't sure how to answer but my mom had the idea that since he is a bunny and small he comes through the dryer vent, I thought that answer may buy me a few more years of make believe.

Hope yours was as blessed and I am really hoping to be more diligent in allowing the meaning of Easter to penetrate my life on a daily basis. Thankyou that He Is Risen!!

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