Friday, May 1, 2009

Show us where you Live- Kitchen

Well Kelly has started something new called "Show us where you live". Today she wants to see everyone's kitchen so I thought I would join in.

This is how the kitchen looked when we moved in so I feel fortunate that the previous owners had similar tastes in regards to granite and stainless appliances.

I love these Polish pottery canisters, it is so fun to mix and match the canisters. Plus if I ever change my color scheme in the kitchen I know I can still use them.

Here is our eat in kitchen area. I love all the windows and I love my floral corkboard placemats from Pottery Barn. They wipe off and cover my not so scratch free kitchen table.

Have fun browsing all the fun kitchens out there!!!


Heather said...

I love your kitchen!! So pretty, your eat in area looks similar to mine!

Lynette said...

Great kitchen, I love the glass in the upper cabinets.

Tara G. said...

I've never seen cabinets like those- how unique and totally fun!

LillySue said...

Great kitchen...Love the yellow beadboard!

P.S. Click the "LillySue" link at Kelly's and come visit my kitchen!

Cheri said...

Very pretty! Love the upper cabinets!

Pam said...

I saw you comment on someone else's blog that you did not know how to get the house pic off of Kelly's blog. Maybe I can help. I go to her blog, click on that picture you want, then when it comes up bigger right click on it. Click "save picture as" and save it to your computer. Then it is now your picture to use. I saved it in my pictures folder so I can find it easier when I need it. Hope that helps. Oh, and very nice kitchen too!

Martha said...

Very pretty! :)

Jocelyn said...

Love your kitchen! I'm getting new counters and backsplash this week... can't wait!