Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol top 4

What is with idol and picking all these weird genres. I feel like each week Adam is able to pick a song that fits his screaming style while this week Kris and Danny really had no good choices. I am biased of course because I am pulling for Kris but seriously, do we really need any more hard rock!!! Well here is my review of the evening.

Adam- I will say the boy has some pipes. One song like this is OK but could you imagine a whole album, please pass the aspirin!!

Allison- I thought she did okay, it sounded alot like the original and I really don't have much to say about the song. I do think she is a really cute girl and has a lot of future potential.

Kris and Danny duet- I loved their harmony, it was amazing. I felt so bad for Kris after the judges remarks. I do think Danny probably hit the high note better but what was the point of Simon bringing that up.

Kris- I thought he did a great job with the song. I enjoyed the parts where the background music got quite and it was just him singing. I agreed with Randy and thought the others were harsh. The judges were not fair to him considering the genre he had to sing in. I really hope he makes it to the final 3, he is the best true artist out of all of them.

Danny- Wow talk about taking a risk, I really did not like the high notes at the end. I liked his raspy lower range though.

Adam and Allison duet- Very nice duet. I still think the show was totally favoring these two. Of course their duet was better, they sing these type of songs all the time.

I am a little perturbed after this idol. I did not like the theme they picked and it heavily favored 2 out of the 4. I am hoping that Kris makes it through to the final three and I hope they can pick whatever song they want so they can showcase all of their talent.

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Lynn said...

I totally agree with you, it seemed like this week's theme really favored Adam and Allison. I'm excited to see what everyone sings next week -- they get to choose whatever they want, don't they? And maybe also sing a song the judges choose for them? That's always so interesting to me, to see what the judges pick. And so often, I REALLY like the judges' choices. I'm excited that Danny and Kris both made the finals. They seem like really nice guys. And what's with criticizing Kris for being humble? Since when is being humble a BAD trait?! Okay, I've vented now. I feel better ;)