Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Day

Well today was a really good day. We started off by going to church and had a great sermon as always and the kids had a nice time in their classes as well. Then we headed to Beavercreek to see my parents, brother and sister-in-law and my nephew to celebrate by dad's birthday. We ate a late lunch at Bob Evans which was good, but I was bummed that they stopped serving oatmeal after 2pm. I was really craving it and when I went to order it the waitress said it wasn't available. How can Bob Evans serve breakfast all day but skimp on the oatmeal, I settled for blueberry bread and bacon, not the healthiest but I had to order quickly.

After lunch we headed back to my parents and ate some delicious cake and icecream. The cousins had so much fun running around together. For my dad's birthday my nephew picked out a Bakugan for him and he had one for himself. My brother and nephew were throwing them on the ground to get them to open. I told them I didn't think that was the way you opened them, I said I think you need the magnetic card. Sure enough I was right, I guess all those bakugan commercials came in handy. Then we headed back home and Mike headed off to teach the Dave Ramsey course at church while I hung out with the kids. It was so nice outside so the kids rode their bikes to the pond, then the park. Then they ran around with the neighbors outside for a while before dinner. Then we headed to pizza hut for carry out and Abby wanted to eat in the basement in her pj's. So we watched the Disney channel(new Hannah Montana and Jonas episodes) and then tucked them into bed.

Thankyou Lord for this beautiful weather you provided. Thanks for the rainbow prism we saw in the sky as we drove, the kids remembered it was a reminder of your promise to Noah. Thankyou for such an enjoyable time with my family, it was so nice to hangout and talk/laugh together. Help me to remember and recognize these special moments and to give thanks for them.

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