Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

The above is a photo of our official start to summer. Just a few days before Memorial Day it was warm enough to bust out the 7 dollar Meijer pool(only the best for my kids). I was surprised it made it thru the winter in the garage after being smooshed behind all sorts of things. The kids had a blast, I let them wash my SUV which they always think is fun. Then they hopped in the pool and put dishwashing soap in it for lots and lots of bubbles. It was a really fun day and I was glad to see that they can still be easily entertained in our front yard.

For Memorial Day we always head up to my in-laws cottage at Lake Erie. The kids were super excited and had been doing a countdown until the lake on the calendar. On Saturday of the weekend was the traditional work day where all the cottage owners do all sorts of cleaning up around the beach. Abby got a lesson in painting benches from her papa. She actually did pretty well and only got a few drops of paint on her clothes. After working in the morning we all meet for a potluck picnic for some good food and relaxation.

We had some great pancakes made by Papa on Sunday morning. He made some smiling face pancakes for the kids that were a big hit. The weather was nice enough to head to the beach each day for a little bit. Abby was so brave and entered the cold water everyday, even getting her head wet and wave surfing. She has really become comfortable in the water lately. We took beach walks, hit the local ice cream spot and celebrated my neices 3rd birthday. The following shot is Abby reading to her 15 month old cousin. Abby is reading quite well now and it was fun to see her reading to all the kids. Will had a blast at the lake, he enjoyed building sand castles, the stomp rocket and in general just running all over the place. I feel blessed to be able to head up to lake erie for some great family time.

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