Monday, May 11, 2009

No Love for Moses?

Well I am almost done with BSF, we have two more meetings. This year we have been studying the life of Moses. We have been through Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. I have seen God's amazing providence over the Israelites as well the people's rebellion and rejection of God. I have learned many things but what I have struggled with the most is Moses not being able to enter the Promise Land. I know God's ways are higher and better and that Moses did disobey God's specific command but I still can't help feeling that he got a raw deal. Yet as I have continued through the study I have been able to think through some reasons that have helped me deal with why God chose to do this.
First of all, Moses was chosen to lead for a specific purpose, to guide the Israelites out of capitivity and to instruct them in God's commands and covenant. Just as Moses was prepared his whole life for this task, so was Joshua prepared to lead in battle. Now the journey of the Israelites was changing course as they prepared to enter battle to take the land God had promised. Was Moses really the best man for this purpose? As we learned from our teaching leader, God provides and prepares different people to lead for different purposes. Moses had accomplished his purpose for God and now it was time to let another lead.
A second reason I have seen is that the Israelites had more trust in Moses and his ability to lead then God. Israel so frequently sought Moses counsel rather than praying to and honoring the God who delivered them. Maybe the Israelites needed to have Moses out of the equation to truly give the praise deserved to the God who would allow them to take possession of the Promise Land. Had Moses stayed and led them into battle, would he have gotten the credit over God? Did their faith increase in God because it became clear to them that he was the one who had protected them all along?
Lastly I wonder how happy Moses would truly be in the Promise land as just a regular guy. A man without the role of leader but of follower. He had such a passion for the Israelites and how would he be watching their continual rejection of God and not being able to lead them out of it?
I know that God has reasons beyond my small thoughts but I feel like God let me have these few thoughts to help give me some insight. I know God doesn't need to give me any reason other then because he is God but I am truly grateful for what he has revealed to me over the past months as I have studied his word and the life of Moses. We have such a good God who wants us to approach him, who delights in our questions and who will provide answers in his own way and own timing. Thankyou Lord for revealing your character to me as I studied the character and life of Moses. You are Holy, Powerful, Compassionate, Forgiving and full of Grace. Thankyou that your are jealous for my time, thoughts and so desire a personal relationship with me.

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