Saturday, January 15, 2011

Darn You Perkins!!

Well this morning my grandparents were headed out the door as it was the last day for 20% off at their Perkins in Springfield. As my grandpa stepped off the porch he hit a patch of ice and slipped, falling to the ground. He ended up breaking his L hip and will have surgery bright and early tomorrow morning. Tonight I headed over to visit him in the hospital and am so glad I got to spend time taking care of him and just talking.

As I have gotten older it has been harder and harder to see my grandparents as my own family's schedule has gotten busier. We just saw them two weeks ago but barely got to visit as the house was full of people. I am so lucky to have three living grandparents at my age and really need to get better about making time to see them more often. Life is such a balance, I feel like you are pulled in so many directions, trying to please your family, your parents, your in-laws and carve time out for yourself as well.

Even though I am fortunate to have family that really does not put pressure on me, I continue to stress about pleasing everyone. I am sure God would love for me to spend less time stressing out about pleasing others and more time pleasing Him. So even though I would much rather have my Grandpa walking around right now and this to have never happened, I am so grateful for the blessing of spending time with him tonight. Only God can provide a blessing in such unwelcome circumstances. I am grateful to have a husband who so willing let me drop our plans today and go spend time with him. I am praying tonight for peace for my Grandparents, for the surgeon to be well rested and have no difficulties during the surgery tomorrow, as well as a full recovery.

What if funny about this story is when my grandma got the chance to step out of the hospital today to get a bite to eat, guess where she went....PERKINS!!!

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