Monday, January 24, 2011

Grandpa Update

Well I was fortunate to get to go visit my Grandpa this morning at the skilled nursing home in Dayton. He just moved there on Friday and so far things have been going well. He seemed in good spirits and had already had some PT this morning. It was great sitting and talking with him about life in general. So much is to be learned from his generation, if only we took the time to engage and listen. We talked about how kids today expect much without much effort on their own part, how people in my generation and younger do not understand basic finances and how to be secure in their future. In striving to give our kids a "better" lifestyle then our own, have we really done them any favors. Lots of food for thought from our chat today. So I am once again grateful for the opportunity to visit with my Grandpa and create more memories with him. He has seen a lot in his 84 years and I look forward to many more conversations with him. Get well soon Grandpa!

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