Friday, January 7, 2011

The Homeless

There has been alot of buzz lately here in Columbus Ohio about the "Golden Voice" Ted Williams being discovered. It has really made me think about how we can truly help the homeless. I pray for them, I try and give money to those who are standing at the intersection with a sign but what else should I be doing. What is God calling me to specifically do or my church to do. I know we all have a role to play but it seems like I am content with what seems easy or acceptable or dare I say COMFORTABLE. I came across this blog post about a woman who invited a homeless man to her Christmas Dinner. It was very timely that I happened across this post as I am following closely what will happen to Ted Williams. I hope that I take this inspiration, pray fervently for God to reveal his will for me on this subject and then actually do what he calls me to do.

The Meditative Mom: A dinner date with Alistair

The Meditative Mom: A dinner date with Alistair: "Before I left for my break, I told you about my new friend Alistair, a homeless man who I invited over for Christmas dinner.  I promise..."

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