Sunday, January 16, 2011

Raising a Little Man

Last weekend at his first wrestling tourney, Will won 2 out of 3 matches and came away with a first place ribbon. We were so happy for Will to have a successful weekend without any crying. I have always said this was going to be a great opportunity for Will to learn some important life lessons.

Well he learned several life lessons at this weekend's tourney. He lost his first match by one point and he was doing okay but as he walked off the mat he stepped in vomit that must have just happened. He slipped and landed hard on his back. So Mike brings me a crying, sad and vomit covered kiddo to take care of. I felt horrible for him as I tried to clean him up as best I could with napkins someone brought me. He had a tough time calming down, which is understandable. I was so torn, how could he wrestle in these clothes, should I force him to wrestle anyways, what was a momma to do?

Luckily a mom from the team had an extra singlet for Will to change into. He was able to calm himself down and within 15 minutes took off on his own will to go sit mat side and wait for his next match. I was so proud of him. He ended up losing the second match and held off the tears. He lost the third match to a kid who had a good 6 inches on him by one point and came off saying, that was my best match ever. I am so proud of the little man Will is shaping up to be, he overcame and he persevered and came out better on the other side. I am so grateful for this special little boy. It is so hard to let him tough it out, the mom in me wants to rescue him from all hurt, disappointment and loss but I know that is not my job. My job is to expose him to Jesus Christ so that he learns that no matter the circumstance his faith in Christ will bring him out better on the other side.

I am hoping though that this was enough of a lesson in perseverance to not warrant anymore slipping on vomit. That was way gross.

***On a side note, this morning I had two moms come up to me at church who worked with Will this morning. They told me that after they had played a relay game they sat down for circle time. Will immediately raised his hand and asked " Can I go get a drink of water because I am smoking hot!!!" ***

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