Sunday, January 9, 2011

My little Wrestler

Will had his first ever wrestling tournament today at the young age of 6. He is in the picture above shaking his first opponents hand, Will is the boy to the left of the guy in the orange shirt. What a great program the Dublin Little Irish program has been. Will goes for an hour two nights a week to Dublin Scioto High School and gets to burn a lot of energy and wrestle. My husband Mike wrestled in high school so this has been a great bonding experience for them.

In today's tournament Will lost his first match and won the next two. He actually came from behind in his third match and escaped an almost pin and won in overtime. Will is very competitive and I worried that he might cry if he lost, but he had so much fun hanging out with the other kids on his team that he was fine. I am so glad Will has a safe environment to learn the important lessons in life such as winning, losing, sportsmanship and persistence. I had to miss this tourney because Abby was recovering from strep throat but he has three more tournaments and I am so excited to go support him.

I am thankful for the excitement I heard from Will today before and after the tournament. I am grateful to have discovered this program for Will and it is so rewarding to see your child doing something they are very interested and excited about. It is also great that Mike and Will have this special bond over something of interest to both of them.

I do expect tears sometime during one of the next tournaments but I know that this is giving us opportunities to teach him some important lessons. How fun it will be if he decides to wrestle in High School and I can come back to my blog and relive where it all started.

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