Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get your Nerd on!!

Abby and Will love attending our all church small groups on Wednesday nights. They always have a fun theme as well as a story from the Bible. This week's theme was nerd night. Now some may think this is making fun of people who are "nerds" but really it is quite the opposite. They are learning so many of God's truths each week that I was not worried that they would come out of the night thinking that being a nerd is something to be teased about. They actually learned that we are all individulas, with different talents and gifts and we are all loved by God. So here are my cute little nerds, it was fun to hear them come up with ideas. They both wore their snow boots and Abby wore a pair of my old glasses with tape between the lenses. Will looks scared stiff for some reason, probably because he has only worn a tie one other time in his life.

I feel so blessed to have a church that is so interested in all the children that attend there. They really go the extra mile to capture the children's attentions and their hearts for God.

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