Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do Something!!

Well there seems to be alot of opinions today about who should be in President Obama's cabinet and his first executive orders in office. I listen to a couple of talk shows on the radio to try and get information on what's going on. I don't take what is said blindly, but it is a good starting point for my own research on the subject. It can be frustrating when you disagree with something and feel like your voice is not being heard.

Well today on the prompting of my mom's email I did something. I emailed my senator and asked him not to vote for Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. It is not a simple oversite that he made on his taxes and it only took me 5 minutes on the internet to figure this out. So I encourage everyone to be active this year in contacting your representatives. God has shown us the moral code we should follow and when you feel that isn't being upheld it is okay to speak up. Be respectful, be tactful but don't be quiet. Do your own research, read books, articles, blogs, listen to tv/radio shows and then ask God to guide you in making the right decision. Then if you feel so lead, act on that decision. If you need to know who your representatives are for your state you can go to or and you can find and contact yours.

I also want to be clear that we need to make sure we are not more bold with our opinions on the policies/issues of this world then we are with our knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ. I want to be an informed and contributing citizen of the United States but I would be remiss if I wasn't living a life that said I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. So I am challenging myself to live a life bold for the cause of Christ first and then being a contributing, informed and involved US citizen will come naturally. I found this article while I was exploring the topic of dual citizenship more, it was helpful to me, especially facet#2. Also read Titus 3:1, Acts 5:29 and Romans 13:1. Good luck balancing our dual citizenship!!!

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