Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The topic of judging others has been on my mind off and on lately. How do you as a Christian set yourself apart without judging others too harshly. How do you show the love of Christ to someone you see clearly walking outside God's will without being judgemental or coming across at "holier than thou". I often pray for discernment because that is what I need so often in these type of situations. How do I, a sinner at the core, gently restore another sinner. I was discussing this topic today at my BSF fellowship group and then recieved this email from my uncle about this very topic. I love how the devotion ends with these words in bold "Be slow to judge others and quick to judge yourself". Those words pretty much sum up my dilemma. I still need to seek council from God but it is great advice in those situations when I am just not sure. So as I seek to be all that God designed me to be, maybe a little more self judgement will prevent the harmful judgement that I am sometimes guilty of handing out. Thankyou Lord for sending your son to take my place. Though I deserve the judgement of death, you have thru your grace extended me life. Help me to extend that same grace to others.

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