Friday, January 16, 2009

HE's Here!!

Well as I try to reflect on the "Miracle on the Hudson" I am in awe but not surprised. Not surprised that God would show up in such a way to let us know that HE is still here, he has always been here with us and always will be. I didn't come at this thought at first. My first thoughts were, that is amazing, what a miracle and I hope that God gets the glory for it. Then as I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning he talked about how this story of the plane and another story he had heard made him realize that the bigger meaning is that God is simply saying " I'm Here". In this world of uncertain financial times, media that bombards you with as much negative news as possible and a war against terrorism I think we can feel abandoned. Even those who might not be worried about the former may feel abandoned because they did not get their miracle, their answer, their prayer from God. However, I feel encouraged that while I have always known and believed that God is ever present in my life and this world, it sure is nice to get an honest to goodness clear sign that God showed up. So thanks to the pilot, crew and people on the plane that did their part in this amazing miracle but lets not forget that God showed up big!!!

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