Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zarbee's children's cough syrup

Well it is that time of year again. The runny noses, fevers, strep throat(for my kids) and coughing. With all the scares people have had with cough medicines and the FDA banning it for certain ages it leaves us moms in a bit of a pickle. My kids do not get coughs too often but when they do that is all they pretty much have. No fevers, no runny noses, etc, so what do you do. Do you send them to school and everyone else is wondering what kind of mom sends a sick kid to school, I know this happens because I have thought this myself of others.
Well along comes a new type of cough syrup, one that is all natural and immune boosting and most importantly safe for children over 1. It is called Zarbees(www.zarbees.com) and I heard about it through the blogging world. It is pretty much only available online unless you live by the two stores it lists on their website(we do not have them in ohio to my knowledge). I ordered one for myself and another for my friend to try. It is nice to have the peace of mind that if my kids are bothered by an annoying cough but otherwise perfectly healthy, I can give them something safe. My kids are still getting used to the taste as my daughter is paranoid at the mention of cough syrup from her previous experiences. Also my kids are so spoiled with the strawberry tylenol that anything else does not compare. The important thing is that it is safe, it works and it doesn't make my kids gag. You should give it a try, it is affordably priced and developed by a pediatrician. Hoping this year is a happy and healthy one for everyone. We already started the year off with strep throat so I am hoping we are good for a while.

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