Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cool story

I found this link over at this blog. Kyle's son Tyler is in remission from Burkitts and his dad blogs about it. Not only does he keep everyone updated on Tyler, he is an advocate for childhood cancer and updates about others who are battling with the disease. I have been following Ryan's story since Kyle posted about it. Ryan and has family have recieved some devastating news but it is so encouraging to see what the Blue Jackets are doing to fufill some of his dreams and also shift his focas away from his painful reality. I urge you to check out Kyles blog and the link to the ESPN story. While I have cried many a times reading about the battle many kids are facing with cancer, I find that it really helps me appreciate my own children's health more and it deepens my faith and prayer life to know that only God has the power to cure them. Kyle has also provided many links to help us be advocates as well in helping acquire more funding for research for these childhood cancers. So read up, pray for these kids and hug your own. Be thankful for the days God has blessed us here on earth and don't waste them. I encourage you to reference posts about Miles Levin. The wisdom and perspective this teenager had as he battled cancer was amazing and inspiring. Thank you Lord for the blessing of my children, thankyou that they are healthy and help me to not waste or take for granted the time I have with them.

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