Friday, March 6, 2009

Heaven and Shamrock Shakes

This morning both my kids were into the topic of heaven. As we were leaving for school, Will asked me if they had power ranger movies in heaven. I told him that I thought there weren't but that heaven would be so much fun that it wouldn't matter if they had power ranger movies or not. Then later that morning Abby and I were in the car and passed a cemetary. She asked me about what cemetaries were again and I told her that it is where people are buried after they die. She then asked me if they were all in heaven now and I told her they were if they believed in Jesus. She then asked me if those who didn't believe in Jesus were in hell. Wow, talk about a deep thought morning. I am encouraged that my kids are curious about heaven and know that it is where they want to be. I am hoping to do some research on how to speak more clearly to my kids about heaven and what happens to your body and soul after you die. It is actually a little confusing to me the timing of when we ascend to heaven so it should be a great study for myself.

On a completely random note: I Love the Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's!!! We went and got our first ones of the St. Patricks day season and it was fantabulous. Looking to gain an extra 3 pounds over the next week in honor of st. pats day, I mean I do live in Dublin Ohio, it would be very unirish of me not to celebrate the occasion. I wonder if they have ice cream in heaven, how cool would that be, ice cream without the calories. Thank you Lord that you sent your only son to prepare a place for me and my family. Power rangers or not, ice cream or not we are looking forward to our new home with you.

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