Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spa Day

Well this afternoon while Will took a rare afternoon nap, Abby had a wonderful idea. She wanted me to fix her hair like at a real hair salon. This sounded fun to me as I have always loved getting my hair done so we hit the ground running.

First I gave her a great scalp massage, followed by a shampoo. She requested conditioner as well so we did that.

Then I gave her a quick blow dry to get her hair slightly less damp for the next step

Then we decided to go ahead and get some curls going. She sat patiently as I rolled the curlers. She really was the perfect client. Very chatty and she sat super still.

Here is the final result. Doesn't she look fabulous. When I was taking the curlers out she was asking about why we didn't leave them in very long. I told her that if you leave them in too long the hair will get too curly and frizzy. She then says "You mean like Oprah". Yes Abby, like Oprah. Oh she is too cute. Thankyou Lord for this precious little girl who covets spending time with me. I love her so.

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jen said...

awww... what a sweet thing to do!! great idea :) beautiful girl!!