Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

***Remember to scroll down and pause playlist music, for some reason the audio is quiet on this video***

Top of the Morning, actually evening to you. We had a great St. Patricks weekend and a wonderful concert by Abby this morning. On Saturday we went to the Dublin St. Patrick's day parade. I was completely enthused, the kids, not so much. I learned on Saturday that my kids do not understand proper parade edicate. We are usually out of town for all the Holiday parades so my kids were not too sure what the big deal was. I had to practically shove the kids out in front of the crowd for them to get some candy. I was totally psyched about all the free candy but my kids were more scared by the crowd and the thought that someone would actually give them candy without them asking for it. I guess sneaking it out of our pantry seems much more normal to my kids then it being handed out by a clown, go figure.
After the parade we headed to the Blarney bash where the kids did some crafts, ate some lunch and bounced in the blow up bouncy things. They overall had a great time but I am motivated to expose them to some more parades before they get to old to really appreciate them.
Today at school Abby's kindergarten class gave a concert for the preschool and the parents, it was 14 minutes long. They learned so many songs, their memory is amazing. I posted one song here for your listening pleasure. Abby it in the second row smack dab in the middle. She really is one cute leprachun if I do say so myself.
I am grateful today that I don't have to rely on the Luck of the Irish but only rely on my Heavenly Father. Thankyou lord for this great weekend of family time, we are creating such wonderful memories and are so thankful for the time you have allowed us to spend together.

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