Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shopping in a Recession

Well this topic was brought up over at Kelly's blog. She challenged us to list some great fashion finds under 30 dollars. There are a bunch of great ideas on her post so check it out. I personally have been into buying basics this year and less trendy. One of my favorite sites is They sell nice clothes as reasonable prices. Right now I am loving these things:

Each one costs 24.50 but they feel so soft and they are longer length which I love so I can ruche up the sides a little and hide my little love handles. This site also has some great sales and free shipping and returns. Get on their email list and they send coupons all the time. I have never paid full price on this website for anything.

I also like checking out ebay, I have gotten some great stuff for me and my daughter. I got Abby two beautiful christmas dresses this year from ebay for under 30 dollars total for both, I easily saved 60 bucks.

Thanks for the fun topic Kelly and for introducing me to the fashion going on at Walmart.

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Amber Schmidt said...

LOVE Longer shirts! Is it just me or did our torsos GROW during pregnancy? Either that or the entire clothing industry shrank...