Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reality Bites!!

Well I got sucked into Bachelor mania. I do not follow the show regularly but I do check in more often towards the end of each season to see who might get picked, do they seem really in love, etc. I was interested in this particular bachelor because he was supposed to be this nice single dad who got rejected on the bachelorette. Hence you would think he would have some sensitivity towards these women he was dating. While I do not believe that this is the best way to find true love, I do believe in the hope of true love, that there are nice guys out there who fall in love with nice girls.

I was so bummed with last nights outcome. How a guy could change his mind so fast and then decide it is okay to publicly humiliate another human being is outrageous. However, why am I surprised? We are all sinful in our human nature, we make bad decisions, we leave God out of our decisions, we often make the wrong decision.
With this being the season of Lent and the time to be fasting from something that takes away our focas from God, I can't help but wonder if God is prompting me to take a fast from reality tv. Why do I waste my time watching a reality tv show when I am living reality. Thanks be to God that no matter what my reality is, he is part of it,guiding it and ultimately deciding it. I am not saying that TV is evil(although some shows seem to be) but it is time consuming. Some may struggle with turning off the computer, putting down a good book, we all have spent way too much time doing something that is not spiritually productive.

I love how random my thought process can seem sometimes, how in the world the dissapointing ending to the Bachelor can lead me to decide to filter and limit my TV more. Yet I know that these thoughts, gentle promptings are not so random but from God. I have been thinking about what I should fast from for lent but had not settled on anything. I know I am a few days late in completing the full 40 days but I know that God will take my efforts and bless the time I spend with him. So while the outcome for Melissa on the show last night seemed harsh, imagine the reality for those who find out that there really is a heaven and a hell and that the decisions they made here on earth have big consequences. Now there is something I should be spending my time on.

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